Azores photo safari with Johnny Krüger

Azores - Pico

Experience the breathtaking underwater world of the Azores up close. In 2024, we will take you on a photo safari that is second to none. On the Azores photo safari, you will experience various species of whales and dolphins up close. Under the professional guidance of the well-known animal and nature photographer Johnny Krüger, you will have the opportunity to take unique photos and videos. Take the opportunity to get to know the Azores from a different perspective and benefit from our combined years of experience.

Our photographer – Johnny Krüger

Our photo safari in the Azores is accompanied by experienced photographer Johnny Krüger!

To give you an impression, you will find below a short biography and some links to find out more about Johnny Krüger and his work.

Short biography of Johnne Krüger

Johnny Krüger is particularly fond of animals in motion. born in 1961 and raised in South Africa, it was there that he discovered his burning passion for wildlife and photography. He has been photographing animals in their natural environment since 1980. He is a reference photographer for the lens manufacturer SIGMA and has received several national and international awards. Notable successes include the Trierenberger Super Circuit and the Sony Awards. Johnny Krüger is ‘German Champion 2018’ of the German Photographic Association (DVF) and was honoured with the ‘Ludwig for Nature Photography’ at the Pirmasens Photo Days 2014. He holds the title of ‘Master of the FIAP’, International Federation of Photography/Fédération Internationale de l`Art Photographique.

More about Johnny Krüger (people, mystic, underwater) (animal photography) (animal photography / workshops)

The Azores photo safari with Johnny Krüger – An overview

The Azores photo safari is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. Experience a total of seven nights in the Azores. Excursions by speedboat are planned on four days. The trips are slightly longer than normal whale watching tours. During the four trips, you will have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of sea creatures up close and photograph them under professional guidance. But discovering the unique Azores island is also on your itinerary. Together with Johnny Krüger and other experienced guides, you will explore the flora and fauna of the Azores islands of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge. The photo safari on the Azores with Johnny Krüger is more than just a photo tour – experience the impressive nature on land and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the culture of the Azores and delicious food.

Services included

Services exclusive

Travel date

01. – 08.06. 2024 – 6 places still available

Prices for your Azores photo safari

From 1.895,- € per person, including insurance certificate

plus flight and hire car


From 399,- € with TAP Portugal

Incl. checked baggage, taxes & fees

Car hire

Cost per person for 4 people in a hire car – € 100 per week

For 3 people in a hire car – € 130 per person per week

Occupancy with 2 persons in the hire car – 180,- € p. p. / week


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