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As a specialist for individual trips to observe animals, insidertrip offers an unforgettable nature experience off the beaten track all over the world. Whether as a single traveler, couple or family, there are travel offers for everyone in the Azores, La Gomera, in Norway, in Kenya and now also in Ethiopia, in Patagonia, on the Galapagos Islands or in our dream hotels in the Indian Ocean on Mauritius , Reunion and the Maldives. You are sure to find “your” nature and adventure trip that suits you to one of our diverse destinations worldwide. In the area of nature and animals, we work together with partners in our destinations who have been dealing with animal observation and environmental protection for many years and who, in this context, organize and guide trips to the most interesting places in the world with a lot of love.


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Animals & Nature

Southern Right Whales & Penguins

Argentina - Patagonia

Princess Alice Bank

Azoren - Pico

Diving cruise Azores

Azores - Pico

Blue whale expedition

Azores - Pico

Pure Dolphin Adventure

Azores - Pico

Sharkweeks Azores

Azores - Pico

Whale & Dolphin Safari

Azores - Pico

Family Safari Special

Kenya - Masai Mara

Rhino Watch Safari

Kenya - Masai Mara

Photo Safaris

Small Orca Photo Safari

Argentina - Patagonia

Great Orca Photo Safari

Argentinien - Patagonien

Azores photo safari with Johnny Krüger

Azores - Pico

10-day photo safari with Johnny Krüger

Kenya - Masai Mara


Hotel Caravelas

Azores - Pico

Mara Legends Camp

Kenya - Masai Mara

Mara Big Five Camp

Kenya - Masai Mara

Coconut Beach Lodge

Kenya - Tiwi Beach

Unique Destinations

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Unforgettable experiences

As a specialist for nature and adventure travel, as well as individual/group travel and animal observation, insidertrip offers unforgettable experiences! With over 20 years of experience, we advise you professionally and personally. Our partner network extends across the entire globe, which enables us to organize the perfect trip for you.

Insidertrip’s specialty is the organization of nature and adventure trips in connection with spectacular animal observations worldwide. Among other things, we offer whale watching tours in Norway and on the Azores. If you travel to Norway with an insider trip, you can enrich your trip with whale watching and the sighting of the breathtaking Northern Lights. A holiday in the Azores can also be combined with whale watching, among the many other activities that this great Portuguese archipelago has to offer. Anyone planning a trip to Kenya can experience a very special kind of safari with us. Among other things, we offer a tour to the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”, a breeding station for elephants.

Now again on an insider trip: Our travel offers in Patagonia. In the Argentine part of Patagonia we offer four different tours that focus on wildlife observation. The observation tours on the Valdés peninsula are particularly fascinating.

With all our tours, we make sure that they take place away from mass tourism. It is particularly important to us at insidertrip that the welfare of the animals is the priority on every observation tour.


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We would be happy to advise you personally or in a telephone conversation. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the office and from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. by telephone on +49 (0) 30 – 327 94 30

We are available on Saturdays by appointment.

Outside the opening hours we can be reached at the e-mail, this is queried regularly.

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