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Blue whales – the hard-to-see giants, return to the waters around the Azores every year in May/June. The best time for a blue whale expedition with insidertrip! A wonderful opportunity for you to experience these mysterious animals up close. With an impressive length of 33 metres, blue whales are the largest creatures that have ever lived on our planet. Join us on this dream expedition and spend six nights on board a small luxury yacht, with trips to the whales during the day and relaxing evenings in sheltered harbours. The yacht can accommodate up to six guests, so you can enjoy this adventure in a small group.

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The blue whale expedition to the Azores

Our blue whale expedition departs from Madalena do Pico. You will be accommodated on board a small luxury yacht of the Princess 60 type. Early each morning, accompanied by the other passengers and the small crew, you will head out to sea to search for large whales in the waters between São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira.

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Blue whales and other marine mammals

The sea around the Azores is a favourite meeting place for a wide variety of marine mammals and is therefore a perfect starting point for dolphin and whale watching tours or trips to swim with dolphins. During the blue whale expedition, the focus is of course on searching for and spotting blue whales, but you will certainly also have the pleasure of observing other whales and dolphins. In addition to the giants, humpback whales, fin whales, sperm whales and sei whales frolic in the waters of the Azores. Schools of dolphins such as the bottlenose dolphin or round-headed dolphins are also frequent companions of our yacht. In particularly favourable conditions and with extremely smooth seas, you may even be able to spot rare species such as the northern bottlenose whale, Sowerby’s two-toothed whale, pilot whale or small killer whale. However, we will recognise one of them from afar by its high blow – the blue whale.

The boat

Our 18.5 metre long yacht is from the Princess 60 model range and belongs to the upper category of small luxury yachts. It has a total of three cabins, two small dining areas with TV and stereo, a flying bridge with plenty of seating and a kitchen. The master cabin is equipped with a double bed and en-suite bathroom. Another bathroom is shared by the double cabin with two beds and the triple cabin. The Blue Whale Expedition is designed for six guests, but a family of three can be accommodated in the triple cabin on request. Each cabin has a small wardrobe and a power socket. Please note that it is only possible to charge your electrical appliances if the boat is connected to a marina’s power supply. The same applies to the use of cabin air conditioning and heating. The yacht has a 700 litre fresh water tank, which is filled at the marinas or harbours for your daily shower.

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Half board (breakfast & lunch) is included during your blue whale expedition. Breakfast is served on board in the form of a buffet, while lunch consists of light snacks. Fruit, water, biscuits, tea and coffee are available to you throughout the day. Dinner will be organised by our crew ashore in consultation with you. In the evening, the yacht always moors in a harbour or marina so that you have the opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy a local dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Blue whale expedition – services

INCLUSIVE – Six nights in the booked cabin – Half board (breakfast and lunch snack) – Whale watching off Terceira, Graciosa and São Jorge

EXCLUSIVE – Alcoholic drinks – Dinner in typical local restaurants – Transfers on arrival and departure on Pico

Travel dates

11.05. – 18.05.2024

18.05. – 25.05.2024


From € 1,990.00 p. p.


2.190,00 € p.p. in the main cabin

Important notes

If the sea and weather make a trip impossible, you have the option of exploring the islands. The crew will be happy to help you with the organisation. It is advisable to take multiple sockets and extension cables with you if necessary, as these are only available to a limited extent on the yacht. Due to the limited space on a yacht, we ask you to travel with an elasticated travel bag. This makes it easier to stow your travel bags and gives you more comfort and space on board.

The itinerary is weather dependent and cannot be planned in advance. We offer the blue whale expedition on the dates when there is the greatest chance of seeing blue whales and other large whales. However, as nature is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee sightings. Therefore, there is no refund if there is no whale sighting.


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