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Diving cruise around the Azores

In contrast to our diving cruise in the Azores, our diving cruise is designed so that you spend eight days and seven nights entirely on the yacht. You have greater flexibility and by fully utilising your days at sea, you can do more dives at the best times of day. Enjoy the marvellous underwater world of the Azores with a maximum of eight passengers.

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In contrast to other popular areas for diving cruises, such as Egypt or the Maldives, it makes sense to go on a diving trip with small yachts during the relatively short diving season in the Azores. Dive spots can be reached more quickly and your trip is more flexible in the event of weather-related changes to the routes. Another advantage is that you can stay longer at the best dive sites, as the yacht can anchor overnight at the nearest marina. Generally speaking, you will spend most of the nights in harbours or marinas and have dinner ashore. Exceptions are the night at sea at the Princess Alice Bank or, on your cruise around Santa Maria, the night at the Formigas.

Possible itinerary for your diving cruise around the Azores:

DAY 1 – Arrival

On the arrival day of your diving cruise, you will meet at around 19:00 at the marina in Madalena on Pico, where you will board the boat. An initial briefing will give you an overview of the town of Madalena and some delicious restaurants. The following days will be dominated by your dives.

DAY 2 – 7 – Dive, dive and dive some more

Depending on the weather, you will cruise in the central archipelago to visit diving spots. Overnight stays take place in the harbours of Horta (Faial), Madalena (Pico) and Velas (Sao Jorge), as well as on the high seas during the Princess Alice Bank night. You may also sleep in the harbour of Angra de Heroismo (Terceira). Your diving cruise is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. Current sightings, for example of blue sharks, are passed on via an information network so that you have the opportunity to get to the relevant diving spots in good time. Other highlights of the Azores include huge scorpion fish, parrotfish, moray eels, schools of barracuda, bonitos and groupers. During the night dives, nudibranchs, crustaceans and alicia mirabilis can be discovered. The top experience of your diving cruise – the blackwater dive – takes place at a depth of more than 1000 metres. The Sao Jorge coast, with the waterfalls off Punta Topo, also offers a wonderful trip. There are also great dive sites where you can admire the animals of the Atlantic.

[picture gallery urls=”https://insidertrip.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Unterwasserwelt-2_Tauchreise_Tauchen_Azoren_insidertrip.jpg, https://insidertrip.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Unterwasserwelt_Tauchreise_Tauchen_Azoren_insidertrip.jpg, https://insidertrip.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Unterwasserwelt-6_Tauchreise_Tauchen_Azoren_insidertrip.jpg” titles=”Underwater world, moraine, reef”]

DAY 8 – Departure

After all these exciting days and nights, your departure is imminent on the eighth day. You will check out on Pico by 10:00 am and be taken to the airport. Of course you can spend more days in the Azores, we have some interesting ideas for an extension programme, such as an island hopping round trip or further excursions for whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Contact us for more ideas and travel packages.

The yachts for your diving cruise

Princess 60 motor yacht, 3 cabins

2 x 650 hp Mannesmann Diesel
complete safety equipment according to Portuguese marine regulations.
1 x annual MOT and safety inspection
fully legalised for marine tourism

Master cabin with shower and WC
2 twin cabins with shared shower
Dining room and lounge, kitchen, sundeck

12 holders for diving tanks with equipment. 16 aluminium 11l monovalve on board.
Coltri Compressor 265l on board
2 O2 rescue kids.

Route and diving area are weather-dependent and therefore flexible.
Pico – Faial – Sao Jorge – Baixas Rosais, blue shark spots – Princess Alice Bank

Crew: skipper, divemaster, deckhand

This yacht was refitted in winter 2020. Engines were removed and overhauled. The seats were reupholstered and the cabins refitted. A new black water system was also installed.

Services included

Services not included

Travel dates diving cruise Azores

Arrival and departure every Saturday in the period from 24 June to 20 September.

Booking is on request.

Travel advice

The yacht is comfortably furnished and offers enough space to spend a few days on the high seas. To ensure comfort and safety, please note that your diving equipment and luggage should be properly and securely stowed at all times. Diving bags and hard cases cannot usually be brought on board and will be stowed safely ashore for space reasons.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for on request. The crew on board consists of three people and will always endeavour to provide you with excellent service. Nevertheless, a helping hand is always welcome.

Your itinerary will be flexible according to the weather conditions. It is therefore possible that your journey will first take you to the fascinating Princess Alice Bank. The immediate underwater environment of the Azores sometimes fails to live up to the species-rich scenery of the first few days. The typical inhabitants of the Atlantic prevail here, instead of mobula rays, blue sharks or manta rays.

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