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Rhino Watch Safari

Find out more about our Rhino Watch Safari & Big Five. Below you will find an overview of the itinerary of this safari. A journey awaits you that will fascinate you.

Itinerary Rhino Watch Safari & Big Five

DAY 1 – Arrival

Arrival in the evening in Nairobi where we will be waiting for you and take you to your guest room. Welcome to the Rhino Watch Safari & Big Five!

Day 2 – Transfer to Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

After a delicious breakfast at your accommodation, our journey through the biodiversity of Kenya begins. We make our way to Rhino Watch Safari Lodge and have planned a few stops along the way. We stop for lunch at the Tana River. There, locals catch tilapia fish for us. This is prepared for you on the spot and eaten together with the fishermen. Our next stop takes us to a fruit and vegetable market. You are welcome to buy the local and fresh produce from the local farmers. Afterwards we arrive at the Rhino Watch Safari Lodge, your accommodation for the entire stay.

[picture gallery urls=”https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Rhino_Watch_Lodge_Chalet-1024×686-1.jpg,https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Kenia_Rhino_Watch_Safari_rhino-1.jpg,https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Rhino_Watch_Safari_Lodge-1536×1029-1024×686-2.jpg” titles=”Chalet at Rhino Watch Lodge, Young Rhino, Rhino Watch Safari Lodge”]

DAY 3 – Safari in the Solio Game Reserve

Our full-day safari takes us to the well-known Solio Game Reserve. This reserve has been dedicated to the protection and conservation of black and white rhino for decades. A rich diversity of species in the reserve also allows sightings of other animals. There are zebras, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, oryxes, antelopes, Thompson’s gazelles, impalas, waterbucks and warthogs to marvel at. For lunch, we will look for a shady spot and have our picnic close to the herds of animals.

DAY 4 – Giraffe and bird watching

This day begins with a visit to a herd of giraffes. The herd is so familiar with the presence of humans that it is often possible to get within a few metres of them. In the afternoon, we climb up to an elevated platform on the lodge grounds. From there, many birds can be observed, which gather at the nearby pond.

DAY 5 – Excursion to Aberdare National Park

The impressive Aberdare National Park lies in the middle of a mountain range and is one of the last rainforest refuges in Africa. It is particularly worthy of protection due to its rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. The protected area encompasses several ecosystems, from the mountain cloud forest with its crystal-clear and fish-rich water, to the bamboo forests and extensive moorland areas. The forest elephant, which is difficult to spot but no less impressive, can be found in all this diversity. Buffalo as well as the giant forest hog and a fairly large population of black rhino can also be spotted. The shy leopards are resident in the vastness of the park and with a bit of luck we can also observe them. But of course there are also over 250 species for our bird fans to discover!

[picture gallery urls=”https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Rhino-Awareness-2-Rhinos-Landcruiser-1024×683-1.jpg, https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/05/elephant_4-1024×683-1.jpg, https://insidertrip.de//wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Kenia_Aberdare_Nationalpark-1024×506-1.jpg” titles=”Rhinos, elephant cubs at play, Aberdare National Park”]

DAY 6 – Relaxing at the lodge

We already have an exciting itinerary of the Rhino Watch Safari behind us. After the first eventful days, we have planned the sixth day as a day of relaxation. There is plenty to discover on the extensive grounds if you wish. Or you can relax and enjoy the sounds of Africa from your accommodation.

DAY 7 – Game drive in Ol Pejeta Game Reserve

The vast 350 km² reserve stretches across a mosaic of grasslands, wooded grasslands, acacia woodlands to an evergreen thicket and is home to an indescribable variety of wildlife to be discovered. The reserve is known as the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, making it one of the highlights of our Rhino Watch Safari itinerary! With a bit of luck, we will have the opportunity to see other members of the Big Five. We will also visit the chimpanzee reserve, a project of the Jane Goodall Foundation, in the centre of the park. Due to the dense population of predators in the park, there is a good chance of spotting some of them. All these animals, the breathtaking nature and the views across the open plains make this last safari day of our round trip a very special and unique finale.

DAY 8 – Departure

Today is your departure day and after breakfast we will take you back to the airport in Nairobi. We are also happy to offer you a selection of extension programmes, a short safari in Samburu Park or to Lake Bogoria, the paradise of the flamingos. Please contact us and we can introduce you to the various programmes.

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We are happy to offer you further individual travel packages to make your holiday in Kenya unforgettable! We will be happy to organise further excursions to Lake Bogoria or Lake Baringo on request.

Do you have any questions about our round trips through Kenya, would you like a personalised offer or information about prices? Contact us and make a personal appointment with us! We will be happy to advise you on site or by phone!

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