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Sharkweeks on the Azores

A trip to our Sharkweek Azores excursion programme offers you the opportunity to experience the best of the Azores. Especially in the open waters around Pico you have unique visibility and the chance to swim with mako sharks and also blue sharks. They often come as close as arm’s length. Don’t miss out on diving with these graceful animals at least once in your life. In the Azores you have the wonderful opportunity to combine diving with sharks, diving with schools of mobula rays, swimming with dolphins and whale watching. Let us advise you and together we will design your unforgettable Azores programme around the Sharkweeks. The programme can include various excursions into the open sea around Pico, as well as a diving day at one of the world’s best dive sites – the Princess Alice Bank. The Sharkweeks Azores are waiting for you!



What awaits you at the Sharkweeks in the Azores?

Blue and mako sharks normally live at depths of 500 metres. Around the Azores, however, these shark species regularly come close to the sea surface. A unique opportunity to encounter the elegant sharks

Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions in the middle of the Atlantic, experience has shown us that longer diving trips are advantageous. This means that in most cases you can do all the programme points and dive excursions on the good-weather days. Sometimes, however, spontaneous changes of plan have to be made. Please note that due to changes in the weather situation, the excursion destination may be changed. We offer you an unforgettable Sharkweeks programme with our partner in the Azores. Experience breathtaking days on the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a small travel group of maximum eight participants

Our partner in the Azores and we will do our utmost to provide you with the full programme. However, due to rapidly changing weather conditions in the Atlantic Ocean, we cannot guarantee this

Additional dive packages can be booked on request. Subject to availability, this is also possible on site with our partner


Travel dates 2023

10th September until 20th September

20th September until 30th September


Prices Sharkweeks Azores

From € 1,440.00 p. p.


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